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Experience our award-winning Pilates, Barre and Aerial classes in the heart of downtown Singapore. Take your workout beyond your imagination, it's time to get fit, get inspired and discover the Upside of life.

Central locations

Upside Motion's two studios are located in the city centre of Singapore with MRT, buses and taxis just a few steps away. All our studios offer the full range of our three core classes.

36 Armenian Street #02-03
Singapore 179934
(opp. Substation, access by Lift Lobby 2)

321 Orchard Road #04-05
Orchard Shopping Centre
Singapore 238866
(next to H&M and 313 Orchard)

Our Core Programmes

Explore movement as a pathway to greater ease and healing in the body through our 3 Core Programmes — Pilates, Xtend Barre and Aerial.



Free yourself from the limits of gravity and fly with an evolutionary new fitness approach to help you stretch, strengthen and tone.


Xtend Barre

This highly addictive workout combines ballet and Pilates techniques into a fast-paced cardio activity that targets small muscle groups.



Pilates places emphasis on body alignment, core exercises and breathing techniques to build strength, control and flexibility. We offer both Pilates Mat and Reformer classes.

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Do You Even Pilates, Bro?

  • Pilates

Are you up for the challenge, guys?

How To Prepare For Your Prenatal Body

  • Pilates

In order to prepare your body for pregnancy, Upside Motion recommends newlyweds to incorporate Pilates and Barre movements that you can do in the comforts of home to get your body ready for baby.

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Studio Happenings

4-Week Prenatal Pilates

  • Special Courses

Taking the time to care for yourself, and for the new life inside of you, is one of the best things an expectant mother can do to prepare for motherhood.

Join Us On The Upside

  • News

On the lookout for Instructors, Front-of-House hosts and a Social Media/ Creative Intern who aspire to do what they love while putting smiles on the faces of others. If your passion is in health and fitness, you might just be the one we’re looking for!

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