Studio Etiquette

What you need to know when attending a class at our studios.

Are mobile phones allowed in class?

Having a focused mind and a stress-free environment will help you make the most of your class. Please turn off all mobile phones and talk softly if you must to avoid distracting others.


Please ensure you have sufficient time for parking and changing into your workout attire before class begins. We want you to enjoy your session without distractions, so latecomers who are more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed into class.

Keep it clean

Please help us to wipe down the equipment at the end of each session with the disinfectant provided. This helps keep the equipment clean for everyone.

Why isn't there a shower room?

You will be able to shower when you get home. Changing rooms are available at our studios for you to freshen up and put on some hi-powered lemon scented deodorant after the class. Sweat and fashionable is the IN thing now, haven't you heard?