Life mantra
Play to find perspective, breathe to gain control
Expect her class to be
Fun, energizing, and upbeat
You can call her
Favourite artist:
Favourite move by the barre:
Plié passé plié tendue or falling star!
Can't live without
Sugar, lots of lots of sugar, preferably caramelized in a stroopwafel.
All-time favourite post work-out meal
A protein-heavy salad with a great assortment of greens - Thai beef salad + mango salad
Her other super talent is
Flexibility in body and mind

Joanna grew up with a keen interest in health and fitness with her formative years spent as a gymnast. After being diagnosed with scoliosis back in the days, she sought and found a much-needed relief through Pilates & Yoga.
Joanna discovered the benefits of aerial inversions while she was studying in New York in 2008. She found Aerial to be a great low-impact workout blending elements of Yoga, Pilates, and acrobatics whilst being supported by a hammock. In her own words, she is glad to live her childhood dream to perform circus acts and have fun teaching classes upside down. She loves encouraging clients to sweat it out during Xtend Barre Stick Classes, using the resistance and pliability of the stick to create a personalized workout. Her care for client's body conditions inspired her to take on Pilates and she is undergoing full Studio Pilates Training.