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Life mantra
Be a reflection of what you'd like to receive
Expect her class to be
A good stretch! Out, damned knots!
You can call her
Favourite artist:
Maroon 5
Favourite move on the hammock
Toss-up between a deep stretch like Queen Bee and a simple, relaxing inversion like Spiderman
Can't live without
Playing photographer and holidays by the sea!
All time favourite post work-out meal
A cup of freshly brewed coffee
Her other super talent is
Dreaming up new recipes just by staring at ingredients

Lin was looking for a workout that would help to detox and offset her fast-paced corporate lifestyle when she found Antigravity Aerial classes at Upside Motion. She fell madly in love with the class on her first try, as it helped her stretch out tense spots accumulated from sitting for long hours at work and practically living in heels. As a vertigo sufferer, it was challenging for Lin at first to perform inversions without it bringing on dizzy spells. Still, she enjoyed Antigravity too much to give it up and she gradually conditioned her body into getting used to the inversions. She now loves viewing the world upside down!

Since taking up Aerial, Lin has noticed a marked improvement in her vertigo condition as well as overall immunity and confidence. She thus feels a calling to become a certified Antigravity Aerial instructor, and would like to share her passion for the aerial art with others, in the hope that they too would enjoy the same great health benefits and joy while trying those challenging but fun, Instagram-worthy poses!