We offer both Pilates Mat and Reformer classes. Both disciplines of Pilates emphasise on body alignment, core exercises and breathing techniques. Here at Upside Motion, we have a wide range of pilates offerings that cater to your proficiency, interests, and needs, whatever they may be.

Change the way your body looks, feels and performs by strengthening without adding bulk, to create a toned body with long lean legs and a strong flat tummy.


  • Build strength, control and flexibility.

  • Increases natural fat-burning capacity.

  • Full body resistance training.

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat exercises give your body the non-impact workout it needs. Upside Motion offers a range of specialised Mat classes to keep you on your toes.

Stick to Matwork for the pure deal, or have some fun balancing yourself in Bosu Conditioning. Whip your abs into shape in Abs & Core, or destress from a hard days’ work in Roll & Release. Let your instincts guide you to your next Pilates Mat class!



By using transitions and the breath, discover sequences designed to increase overall body conditioning and control. A flowing repertoire of stretching, strengthening and stabilising exercises. This Pilates workout will get you firm, fit and flexible all over.

Suitable for beginners.

Matwork Beginners

Matwork Beginners class is designed for beginners to understand the Pilates system of physical and mental conditioning and perform all of the beginner level exercises with precision, centering, concentration and flow.

Beginners are strongly encouraged to attend this class prior to attending any of our Pilates classes.

Abs & Core

In this Classical Mat Pilates class, you work deep into your powerhouse working from the inside out. This class will drastically change the way your body looks, feels and performs. Strengthening your body without adding bulk, you will create a toned body with long lean legs and a strong flat tummy. Working on all planes of movement from the core, you will work your entire body.

Open to all levels.

Core Fusion

Experience a unique blend of traditional Mat Pilates exercises, creative core strengthening movements and yoga set to energetic movements to help keep you motivated. Designed to tone, strengthen and restore, this full body workout introduce you to new ideas, not typically practiced in a Pilates class.

Mat Pilates experience suggested.

Roll & Release

This Roll & Release class is a great way to learn how to perform self-myofascial release of trigger points in the muscles. Trigger points are sore spots that form within muscles or tendons. Foam rolling is a way of massaging away muscle soreness in trigger points, and preparing your muscles for deeper stretching. Using the foam roller to loosen the tension in your muscles provides an excellent way of obtaining the benefits of self-myofascial release.

Mat Pilates experience suggested.

Flex & Stretch

Change your body by boosting muscular endurance, targeting specific muscle groups and increasing your fat-burning capacity in this Flex & Stretch Class. Incorporating the Flex-Band into your matwork routine to add upper and lower body resistance training into your workout and end the class with a good stretch!

Mat Pilates experience suggested.

Pilates Reformer

The Reformer’s multi-functional structure and adjustable controls make it a magic machine for anyone and everyone. On one hand, it supports rehabilitative exercises, for those recovering from sports injuries. On the other hand, it also provides the optimal targeted resistance for strength training, for those seeking that extra calorie burn.

Whether you’re overcoming physical vulnerability or sculpting your dream body, the Reformer is the go-to superprop we all need.


Reformer Beginners

A prerequisite for students who have never taken a Reformer class and who intend to take any of the reformer-based classes. This class orients the student to the Reformer equipment and his/her personal settings. It also introduces students to the basic principles of Pilates including breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement, head and cervical spine placement. Perfect for newbies!

Reformer Essentials

Get acquainted with the fundamentals of the pilates method and you'll be feeling and seeing the difference in no time! Be prepared to up the ante as we work to increase your core strength and flexibility.

*Reformer Beginners experience required