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Tackle the everyday with otherworldly poise: Pilates • Barre • Aerial


Each of our studios in City Hall, and the Central Business District are an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still being conveniently located.

Whether you’re starting or ending your day with us, you’ll emerge feeling grounded, recharged, and ready for whatever lies ahead.

36 Armenian Street #02-03
Singapore 179934
(opp. Substation, access by Lift Lobby 2)

Parking Info:
-Open carpark next to Peranakan Museum
-30 Hill Street
-Stamford Court
-Singapore Management University

6A Shenton Way B1-01/02
Downtown Gallery
Singapore 068815
(Access via Travelator on L1)

Parking available at Downtown Gallery Basement Carpark


Virtual Classes - From The Studio To Your Home!

We are so excited to be launching our series of livestream Virtual Classes! If you've been working from home for a while now and missing a workout with familiar instructors and workout buddies, start your week strong with us on the Upside!

Find the latest class schedule on our website and via the Upside Motion mobile app. Book/cancel a class, view your class bookings, manage your account, all on the app, just like before!

Virtual Classes - Now Available On Your Group Packages

While we hope for Upsiders to join us back in the studio, we also understand that some may prefer to work out from home due to safety concerns, or due to our limited class offerings in the studio. From today onwards, you can start utilising your group packages to book in for your studio and virtual classes. No action required on your part, simply hit the booking button!

Our Core Programmes

Our classes in Xtend Barre, Aerial, and Pilates will help you gain better posture and grace that will equip you for all areas of life!

Explore a full range of motion that translates into daily life— everyday activities become iterations of an exercise, burning calories, and increasing metabolism while looking effortlessly elegant.

Three women doing barre at upside motion

Xtend Barre

This highly addictive barre workout combines ballet and Pilates techniques into a fast-paced cardio activity that targets small muscle groups.

Woman doing an Aerial yoga pose at upside motion


Free yourself from the limits of gravity and fly with an evolutionary new fitness approach to help you stretch, strengthen and tone.

man and woman doing pilates at upside motionPilates


Pilates places emphasis on body alignment, core exercises and breathing techniques to build strength, control and flexibility. We offer both Pilates Mat and Reformer classes.

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Upsiders At Home: Pilates: Foam Roller & Fitness Circle with Jieun

#UpsidersAtHome Series: Pilates Foam Roller & Fitness Circle

  • Pilates

Challenge your balance and core while improving your hip mobility in this 10 mins Pilates Workout using foam roller & fitness circle.

Upsiders At Home: Xtend Barre Second Position Plié with Jabi

#UpsidersAtHome Series: Xtend Barre: Second Position Plié

  • Barre

Plié is the most fundamental move in a a barre workout. In a Second Position Plié, you will have your legs wide apart, toes angled out. With variations to target your entire lower body (glutes, thighs, hamstrings & inner thighs), this drill is great as a warmup or even a transition to take you to more complex moves at the barre!

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Studio Happenings

New 12-Hour Cancellation Window For Group Classes

  • News

In an effort to curb a high number of late cancellations and manage a very limited number of class spots due to the current social distancing safety measures, we will be implementing a new cancellation window for group classes - starting from Monday, 3 August 2020.

Welcome Back Upsiders

Welcome Back, Upsiders!

  • News

Thank you for being part of the Upsiders' community. We are so excited to have you back for in-studio practice!

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