Facilities and Studio Etiquette

What you need to know when attending a class at our studios.


Please ensure you have sufficient time for parking and changing into your workout attire before class begins. We want you to enjoy your session without distractions, so no late entry into class is permitted. Leaving class early is strongly discouraged.

Keep it clean

Please help us to wipe down the equipment at the end of each session with the disinfectant provided. This helps keep the equipment clean for everyone.

Shower facilities

There are no shower facilities at our City Hall studio but lockers and changing rooms are available. The ladies washroom is also just right outside the studio for you to freshen up after class.

Do I need to bring my own mat to the class?

Our studio is stocked with everything you need, such as high-quality mats and props which are sanitised after every class. Just bring your own water bottle and a small towel. Head over here to get started!

Is the studio female-only? Can I bring my partner to the class?

Our classes are open to all genders but are predominantly filled with females. We certainly welcome guys at our studio! If you have a preference for a female-only class, do let us know which class type you are keen at and we can advise. Alternatively, you may also consider a private session with a female instructor.

Are mobile phones allowed in class?

Having a focused mind and a stress-free environment will help you make the most of your class. To avoid distracting others, please turn all mobile phones to silent mode and step out of the class to take the phone call if you must.

I love your Pilates and Yoga mats. Can I purchase them?

Our mats are made from naturally sourced sustainable rubber, making them free of PVC and toxic metals. We believe you will love the grip of the mat even when wet, as much as we do...and yes, they are available for purchase at our studio.