Upsider Perks

The perks of being an Upsider. Earn points, redeem rewards with Upsider Perks.

How to sign up for Upsider Perks?

Sign up here with the same email address that you have used to create client profile at Upside Motion!

I have signed up for Upsider Perks, what's next?

Start accumulating points today by attending classes, or celebrating your birthday with no actions needed! We also reward the diligent ones with bonus points if you attend more than two classes per week in the same category of either group class or private session.

What are the other ways to earn more points?

Spread the words! Simply refer a friend or keep a look out for new bonuses and perks to be announced monthly!

I referred a friend but didn't receive any referral points.

To make a retroactive claim for referral, please email us no more than one month since the referral took place using the following format:

Your name:
Your contact number:
Your friend's name:
Your friend's contact number:
Your friend's email address:
Date of the first class attended by your friend:

A referral is considered successful only when your friend has attended a class.
Upside Motion reserves the right to reject any claim that is not fully accompanied by supporting details.

Upsider Perks: Perkville Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

-Points are non-transferable and expire after 12 months of inactivity.
-Points are not valid for cashback.
-Points menu and rewards are subject to change.
-Rewards cannot be combined with other offers.
-Complimentary classes are not eligible for earning points.

I've been an Upsider for a while but only discovered the program now. Can I retrieve the points from all the classes I've attended?

Fret not! Since this program launched in April 2015, the points are automatically accumulated in the system. They are now just waiting for you to sign up here.