Xtend Barre

Special notes and health advisories for our Barre classes.

What are Express classes, eg. Xtend Barre vs. Xtend Barre Express class?

All our classes on the schedule unless otherwise stated are our signature 50-minute workouts. Express classes are 45-minute classes for our busy clients who’d like to incorporate a workout during the day and still have time to grab a bite during lunch hour.

Do I need to have a background in dance or ballet to join Xtend Barre?

Xtend Barre is for everybody regardless of background! The workout is relatively intense for most first-timers as it trains small muscle groups that regular exercise doesn't, but fear not. All our Xtend Barre classes are great for beginners and we encourage clients to try different instructors to find the teaching style that they are most comfortable with. We recommend for a start that you join our Xtend Barre Beginners class.

I’m completely new and not very flexible, can I join the regular Xtend Barre class?

Our Xtend Barre classes are suitable for newbies. We recommend new clients to start off with our Xtend Barre Beginners or Barre Technique classes to help you ease into the workout at a slower pace and familiarise yourself with ballet terminology. Barre Technique is a slow-paced class that focuses on techniques to aid in better form and movement at the barre. Once you feel more comfortable and ready, you may join the standard Xtend Barre classes which are multi-level classes.

However, it's not a must. Our regular Xtend Barre classes are suitable for all levels of fitness.
Please let your instructors know before class on any injuries you have and our instructors will be able to provide modifications in class.

What are the pre-requisites for Xtend Barre Stick class?

To have a fully enjoyable and immersive experience of our Stick classes, we require clients (including those who have experience with Pilates, ballet or other barre workout) to be well-versed in the Xtend Barre method with a minimum of 5 Xtend Barre classes before joining the Xtend Barre Stick class.

What do I need to prepare for Xtend Barre Babies on Board Class?

We recommend this class for moms of babies between 3 to 12 months or under 10kg. As a guide, baby should have sufficient strength to hold his/her head up and sit comfortably in a baby carrier. Please bring your own baby carrier. The baby carrier should be of a sturdy clip-on style, and not a fabric sling. This is to ensure that baby stays safely in place while you work out.

Why don’t I see Xtend Barre Babies On Board on the regular class schedule?

Based on our experience holding Babies on Board classes, we learnt from our new mom clients that babies’ sleeping patterns evolve. This made it challenging for mommies to commit to a specific day/time for class and we fully appreciate mommies have to prioritise babies’ needs. If you have a pool of mommy friends who would enjoy working out together with their littles ones, please send the request our way and we’d be happy to set up private Babies On Board sessions for you!