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Foundation Xtend Barre Teacher Training 2020

Have you always been dreamed of becoming a Barre instructor? We are looking for Xtend Barre Superstars to join our Upside Motion team!

The Xtend Barre method, created by Andrea Rogers, combines elements of Pilates and dance to create a dynamic and safe workout. Where other barre programs focus only on the small movements, Xtend Barre’s diverse programs focus on the movement of the whole body, delivering cardio, strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Our foundation Xtend Barre teacher training program sets us apart with an elevated educational experience that includes Pilates Mat foundations, Basic Anatomy, and our unique teaching formula. This comprehensive instruction creates an amazingly talented, passionate, and enthusiastic Xtend Barre team of teachers worldwide.

At the end of it all, you’ll transform your love of barre into a skillset that will inspire people to take their fitness to new levels. Plus lay the foundation for more Xtend Barre training to strengthen your barre career. All we ask to apply is a personable nature, at least 10 Xtend Barre classes under your belt and above all a passion for barre fitness.

Course fee


Date & Time

22 April (Wednesday) - Basic Training Day 1 | 8am to 5.30pm (8 Hours) - 1.5 Hour Lunch Break
23 April (Thursday) - Basic Training Day 2 | 8am to 12.00pm (4 Hours)
24 April (Friday) - Basic Training Day 3 | 8am to 5.30pm (8 Hours) - 1.5 Hour Lunch Break
25 April (Saturday) - Basic Training Day 4 | 1.30pm to 4.30pm (3 Hours)


Upside Motion City Hall Studio
36 Armenian Street #02-03, Singapore 179934 (opp. Substation, access by Lift Lobby 2)

Master Trainer

Anna Serafinas Luk


  • Attend a minimum of 20 Xtend Barre classes at Upside Motion or any other licensed Xtend Barre studios in the world.
  • Complete an Xtend Barre Teacher Application
  • 1 year experience of teaching movement preferred (dance, group exercise, Pilates)
  • Passion for fitness, teaching and positive energy
  • Highly recommend Pilates training
  • Be personable and approachable
  • Recommended prior CPR/AED training

Once certified

  • You may only teach Xtend Barre at an Xtend Barre licensed studio.


The process of becoming a certified Xtend Barre instructor is broken down into 3 parts:

  • Step 1: Fill out an application form to apply for the studio audition. Tell us your basic need-to-know details and what Xtend Barre, Dance, Teaching or Instructing experience you do or don't have. You’ll also need to tell us why you want to be an instructor at Upside Motion.

  • Step 2: You will be notified if you’ve been accepted to audition and more details will be provided.

  • Step 3: If you are successful at the auditions, you will then be accepted for an initial Xtend Barre 4-Day Training course to earn your certification. This will be running in 4 consecutive days in April 2020. The course costs US$1000, and involves 8-10 hours of pre-work online education and 22 hours of in-person training. Education subsidy is available for successful candidates.