• Instructor Profile

Upside Motion instructor Aileen


Life mantra
Love and be thankful always
Expect her class to be
Fun and non-judgmental. It’s ok if you can’t touch your toes or do that backbend/arm balance/inversion, because we are all here to get stronger and more flexible together.
You can call her
Favourite artist:
Anyone who can make her sing along when the tune comes on
Favourite move on the mat:
Wild thing
Can't live without
Her loved ones, yoga and food
All time favourite post work-out meal
Any food so long as it fills my tummy. Hangry is a word for her
Her other super talent is
Having the ability to convince her husband to do anything she wants him to do. #thewifealwayswins

Aileen used to be a non-believer who thought yoga was boring. However, things changed after she took her first Vinyasa flow class when based in Yangon. She felt a strong sense of peace and joyfulness after the practice. Unknowingly, it became a love affair and Aileen decided to take up yoga teacher training after coming back to Singapore. Aileen’s teaching style focuses on getting the basics and alignment right, as they form the foundations for a safe and strong practice.

She hopes to help her students discover the peace and inner awareness that one can get from practising yoga, and that yoga is not just about asanas (postures).

When she’s not teaching or practicing, Aileen is a laundry lady and floor manager; in short, fulfilling wife duties – with pleasure! At home, she can often be found terrorising her nephew (and teaching him things that his parents/grandparents disapprove of).