Upsider Spotlight: Avryl

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Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Avryl 2

It has been a week since Avryl has left the sunny homeland to move on with her new journey in Queensland. Utterly fresh out of her NUH training at the age of 23, she possesses the strength and clear vision of how to live a well-balanced and meaningful life. As we wave our goodbye to this cheerful and lovely Upsider, here are 10 amazing facts about her in our 30-minute conversation:

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Avryl

1. Avryl decided to be a nurse when she was fourteen! One day, she made up her mind: “I think it’s my calling. I want to be a nurse.” When asked why not the other professions and whether she was sure about the tough career of being a nurse, Avril said she knew about the hardship and enjoyed the challenge.

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Avryl On Pilates Reformer

2. Joining our Private Reformer routine was actually…by mistake. Avryl was randomly looking at Instagram and wanted to try our Xtend Barre class. She came in thinking she needed to have some Pilates experience to join the Barre. After her first Pilates experience on the reformer, Avryl got hooked!

3. Her Upsider weekly routine: one private Pilates session on the reformer and two Xtend Barre!

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Avryl Barre Enthusiast

4. Avryl practiced her Pilates routine everyday for a month when she was on holiday oversea trip visiting her aunt. She simply couldn’t stop doing it: “I was afraid that I’d lose the momentum and my body wouldn’t be able to get used to the movement anymore.”

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Avryl Loves Pilates

5. On the experience of being with Upside Motion over a year, Avryl said: “As a nurse, I tend to bend my back a lot and my lower back used to hurt after work. After learning how to protect your back using your own body mechanics with Pilates and Barre, I don’t feel that pain anymore. My legs were like jelly before and now, I can feel that there’s more muscle definition!”. Yay!

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Avryl Make Pancake

6. Avryl is fondly known as “The Pancake Queen” by her friends. She loves cooking and baking even though she doesn’t have a sweet tooth.

7. Avryl’s tips on baking healthy goodness: Cut down on sugar and instead, use agave nectar. She also experiments with different kinds of organic products and flours. “Organic products create a wholesome and rich taste that is very different from what you normally get outside.”

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Avryl Pancake

8. Her night ritual: Forward roll and backward roll. Finished by a spinal twist to stretch your back muscle. Avryl feels that it’s important to release all the tension in your body before you sleep.

9. Favorite magazines: Kinfolk and Frankie

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Avryl Calligraphy

10. Avryl practices her Calligraphy on her off-days. Here’s a lovely little note she wrote specially for our instructor, Beatriz before she jetting off to Australia.