• Instructor Feature

Upside Motion Instructor Cheryl


Life mantra
Have faith in yourself
Expect her class to be
Energizing, fun, and sometimes challenging!
Favourite artist:
Westlife & Jay Chou
Favourite move on the mat:
Side Bend
Can't live without
My loved ones and my family
All-time favourite post-work-out meal:
Depends on my mood, maybe a healthy or not a healthy one. Haha
Her other super talent is
Chill and watching favourite shows!

Having trained in Sports Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Cheryl took up Pilates to further her knowledge of Anatomy and Body Movement while keeping herself fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. She then came to realise that Pilates is not just a physical exercise that helps you gain great posture and a rock-hard core. It can radically enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being too.

As her passion for Pilates deepens, Cheryl has been feeling more lively and happier than ever. She made the decision to become an instructor, hoping to inspire and help more people experience the life-changing benefits of Pilates.

Cheryl is available for private Pilates sessions in English & Chinese.

BASI Pilates Comprehensive Studio
Diploma in Physiotherapy
Dual Zone Self Myofascial Release Level 1