Easy Pilates routine to recharge at home

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Pilates is more than just an ordinary workout. Besides sculpting your body, it also gives you energy, mental clarity, and inner serenity.

In this busy modern society, we often encounter stressful situations, and our bodies respond to stress with various symptoms, such as chronic pain caused by muscle tension or migraine, sleep and eating disorders, and even immune system disorder.

Physical activities help pump up the production of endorphins that makes your brain feel happy and relieve stress. Pilates, in particular, helps relieve stress and tension by deep and attentive breathing and mindful movement.

Many of us don’t breathe properly. We breathe shallowly with chest and shoulders which will create more tension in the body. Joseph H. Pilates, the founder of Pilates, emphasized deep breathing focusing the diaphragm and the rib movement.

By exhaling fully to let toxins and waste out of your lungs, you can allow abundant fresh oxygen and nutrients to come into every cell. This will enhance blood circulation, lower your heart rate, regulate blood pressure, and help you relax. Deep breathing requires concentration. Being attentive to the subtle movements of the body while breathing will clear and calm your mind.

Upside Motion recommends beginners to take Pilates classes from certified Pilates instructors at least twice a week. Developing a consistent routine allows the instructors to help you progress in your practice safely and efficiently by giving you detailed guidelines about the exercises and modifications according to your body conditions. Always consult with your physician before starting any exercise program if you have any prior pain or injury.

Here is a home-friendly Pilates routine that you can squeeze in between your work breaks to recharge and boost your productivity.

Deep breathing: Close your eyes and put your hands on the side of your ribs. Feel your ribs move and feel your lungs fill up and empty.

Hip rolls: lie on a mat and with the breath, start to peel your spine off and rolls it back down on the mat. Focusing on moving one vertebra at a time.

Mermaid: This exercise will give you a great stretch, lengthening and opening the side of the body. You can practice deep breathing feeling the side of your rib opens with inhaling and close with exhaling.

Swan Dive: This exercise gives a good stretch on the front of your body, lengthening the abdomen, hip flexors, neck and chest. After sitting at a desk for 8 hours each day looking into a monitor, we do need this. It also strengthens glutes, back extensors, and arm muscles.

Upside Motion offers both group and private Pilates classes, and you can also choose to have either reformer or mat Pilates classes. Get in touch with us for class and package recommendations best suited for your needs.