• Instructor Profile

Upside Motion instructor Erika


Life mantra
Be better than you were yesterday and always try new things to push you out of your comfort zone
Expect her class to be
Dancey & tough
You can call her
Favourite artist:
It's so hard to just choose one!
Favourite move by the barre:
Fold-over everythang!
Can't live without
All time favourite post work-out meal
Açaí cup
Her other super talent is
A blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Erika is a media strategist with over 9 years experience working in TV, radio, and digital. Throughout her life she has been passionate about sports and fitness, spending her early years as a competitive gymnast and figure skater, teenage to young adult years as a performing modern jazz and contemporary dancer.

She was thrilled that Xtend Barre incorporates elements of ballet, dance and pilates giving attention to the tiniest, under-utilised muscles in our bodies while moving with the beat. Expect to have fun and work hard to great music!