How Pilates is best experienced in a private setting

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Our founder Sze started on her Pilates journey which nursed her pinched nerve back with improved posture and spinal alignment. Read on to find out why she thinks that everyone should always start with attending Pilates in a private setting.

With the rising popularity of Pilates, I have more friends reaching out to me lately about Pilates. I often start by telling them that it is “life changing”! Many of them remain skeptical about how this gentle form of exercise could possibly reap the big benefits that I claimed. My best advice to reap the most benefits from Pilates? Attend Pilates in a private setting.

When I first got acquainted with Pilates, it was recommended that I begin with a few weeks of private sessions before joining the group sessions. Assessment and precision are two crucial factors deciding the effectiveness of the Pilates workout. While everyone can benefit from Pilates in a group class, having a high qualified instructor dedicated all her time and attention to only you will ensure the best results. The benefits of private instruction are worth every penny with the dedicated attention to aid in my progress, improving my form, technique, and individual needs. Instructors may be a little touchy-feeling by using tactile correction, and I personally love being corrected and pointing out how I can improve my form.

In a private setting, I also get to experience Pilates beyond the mat and onto the apparatuses that make Pilates one of the most effective workouts around. The straps, pulleys and strings on these apparatus offer variable resistance as I perform the Pilates movement. The resistance helps me maintain the proper position during my exercises and guide my body’s movement for a more effective and efficient workout. During a private session, my instructor can spot subtle, inefficient movement patterns and give me very personal, specific instructions to address these issues.

With discipline and dedication to see your Pilates instructor on a regular basis, you will feel the results of the workout in your body. By committing to a minimum of two private sessions a week, you will see the visible improvement in so many ways including spinal mobility, flexibility, muscular endurance, posture, body awareness and coordination.

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