Instructor Spotlight: Susan

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Instructor Spotlight: Susan 4

1. How did you get into Xtend Barre?
I had my first Xtend Barre class back in 2013. I thought I was quite strong and it’s just a barre class - Pilates and ballet, how hard could it be? I had my whole day planned - brunch, shopping, night out. I had no idea what’s coming. After the class, I literally couldn’t open the door of my car. And of course, I had to go back again to conquer the challenge!

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2. What made you decide to become an instructor?
I had always been a fitness person before becoming an instructor and I had been deeply inspired by the fitness community I had in Shanghai. I had met many amazing instructors who are doctors, businessmen, Montessori training directors during the day, and they get on stage after work to lead the classes, to motivate, challenge, cheer and laugh with the clients. There was also one of the best Xtend Barre instructors I’ve met, who taught her every class during pregnancy until she went to the hospital for delivery literally after finishing the class, and she came back to teach just one month afterward. I wanted to bring this kind of motivation and inspiration to more people, to keep learning and getting stronger, to forge a community where women are passionate and strong, caring yet resilient and persistent to their goals.

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3. What do you love about Xtend Barre?
The perfect combination of passion, energy, challenges, engagement, safety, and elegance.

4. What is it like moving to Singapore?
I’m so happy and grateful to be able to keep teaching here in Singapore. Upside Motion has beautiful studios in the center of the city, a very professional and supportive team, and clients are really strong! I absolutely love teaching and cheering with them together, and I’ve met so many interesting people in my classes and became friends. I would really like to stress this out--- that I’m happy and grateful for all of these.

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5. What are your best Barre instructor take-aways?
I’ve been so inspired by being an Xtend Barre instructor that it has been helping my full-time job as an HR professional. First, as an instructor or HR, we inspire people, we let people shine through us. The class is not about me, it’s about each of you in the classroom. You are in the center of it and you own every bit of it.
Secondly, it’s all about setting a goal for people to relevé up to reach for, instead of simply pushing people. The goal is to motivate people through proper challenges, not to frustrate them.

Instructor Spotlight: Susan

Third, we always gotta keep attention on everyone in the classroom (or at the office), to notice who needs help, or demonstration, or correction. Moreover, it is all about being a role model and genuinely caring for people, as an instructor or an HR. Last but least, it’s the same for any kind of job - keep learning and practicing. When I just started teaching, I had to write down every movement and every word on the paper, practice it over and over again before going to the class. Attitude is everything.

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