Instructor Spotlight: Ellis, Portia & Nic

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Instructor Spotlight: Ellis, Portia & Nic 6

L-R: Ellis, Nic, Portia

1) Tell us about your life before being an instructor and your life outside of Barre:
Ellis: I'm a new mum! I am an ex- physical education teacher who is insanely passionate about wine. Basically, I love to wine and dine, hence I exercise :D
Nic: As a kid, I always loved dance. Having done ballet for a decade and other forms of dance, it became a big part of my life. Eventually after graduating into the working world, I became a full time digital marketer, filling my days with work and social obligations.

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2) How did you get into Xtend Barre?
Ellis: I started attending Xtend Barre classes at Upside in 2016 and I was hooked.
Portia: I was never athletic nor strong, and was living a very sedentary life until I felt a strong urge one day to start exercising 5 years ago. I discovered Xtend Barre at Upside Motion which was near my office at that time. After 1 lesson, I was completely hooked! It was such an exhilarating experience that I kept going back for more
Nic: I decided to make the effort to get into shape and religiously work out. I chanced upon Xtend Barre at Upside Motion and fell in love with the workout immediately!

Instructor Spotlight: Ellis, Portia & Nic 1

3) Why did you decide to become an instructor?
Ellis: I love XB classes and am really inspired by the instructors in the community. I hope to pass on the same passion to everyone else.
Portia: Xtend Barre made me realise that staying active enriches not only the body but also the mind and soul. My love for Xtend Barre led me into a journey of self-discovery for fitness and through that, I realised that it is essential to find a constant in life that invigorates and exhilarates, especially while living in an urban city like Singapore. I felt a strong desire to contribute to the Xtend Barre community and inspire others in their own discovery for fitness
Nic: I wanted to try something new this year and saw the ads! I also thought it would be a great way to improve my form, my confidence with public speaking and share this great workout with others.

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4) All of you were students before teaching-- What do you love about Xtend Barre?
Ellis: I love how Xtend Barre fuses dance routines into a form of exercise. It is a fantastic low impact exercise that strikes a beautiful balance between cardio and conditioning. Perfect (and not boring) way to burn fats and tone up at the same time! Additionally, I love to dance!
Portia: Every plie, tuck and pulse sends me shaking and gets my muscles on fire no matter what fitness level I’m at. That, combined with an awesome playlist makes for an extremely fun and challenging workout.
All these are done with amazing energy and grace that I feel completely empowered in an Xtend Barre session!
Nic: I love that it focuses on form and it really reminded me of ballet. Throughout the year of doing Xtend Barre, I felt my body become leaner and stronger.

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5) What do love about being an instructor?
Ellis: I love thinking of new routines and coming up with fresh ideas for each workout so the clients will feel accomplished after every class.
Portia: Being able to work alongside my clients to help them with their fitness goals, seeing their growth and them getting stronger fuels my passion to teach. I love it when I feel the energy in the class, clients working their challenge zones and trying harder each week. Of course, it feels great when a client comes up to you after class and tells you she had an amazing workout.
Nic: It really pushes me out of my comfort zone and had the pleasure of meeting the loveliest clients who are extremely friendly and encouraging.

Instructor Spotlight: Ellis, Portia & Nic 5

6) Do you have a memorable barre experience? Tell us about it!:)
Ellis: I couldn’t workout through pregnancy and after delivery due to complications, so I was unfit and flabby. After almost 2 years of hiatus from, I came back to Xtend Barre with doctor’s approval and got my workout body back in 2 months. It really works!
Nic: I once ate an entire plate of mozzarella stick before attending a class – wouldn’t recommend it :p

7) What advise do you have for students who want to try out barre?
Ellis: Modify according to your ability. There’s no pressure to perform. Just go with the flow and enjoy the class. You’ll always come back stronger the next class!
Portia: Just show up! That’s the first step and commitment to getting stronger. I guarantee you’ll be hooked : )
Nic: Don’t be intimidated by the terms and pace of the class, the Upside Motion instructors are always here to guide and the more classes you attend, the better you’ll be!