• Instructor Feature


Life mantra
Create your own life
Expect her class to be
Mindful and enjoyable
You can call her
Favourite artist:
Ed Sheeran
Favourite move on the mat/ on the reformer:
Roll-up & Breast Stroke on the mat or Star Sidekick & Short Spine on the reformer
Can't live without
Good hot coffee
All time favourite post work-out meal
Anything tastes delicious after a work-out
Her other super talent is
Loving and taking good care of dogs

A hectic job of working over 12 hours a day as a marketer lead Jieun to chronic upper back and pelvic pain. Apart from this, it has affected her well-being too, manifested as fatigue and stress for years. Pilates is Jieun's saving grace. It invigorated her both psychologically, and physically. Her notions on flexibility and strength changed, and she felt internal balance and stability coupled with a profound understanding of strength and flexibility. She also adapted a more relaxed and positive mindset.

For Jieun, Pilates is a lifestyle that she can continue to do as she gets older. It refresher and energizes her to look forward to happy ageing with a healthy body and mind. She hopes her Pilates sessions can also be an oasis for clients to be enlivened with the mind-body connection Pilates provides, and that they can extend this into all aspects of their life.

Jieun is a certified STOTTS Pilates Comprehensive Level 1 & 2 and certified Yoga Instructor.