• Instructor Feature

Upside Motion instructor Lizzie


Life mantra
Eat well, move lots, laugh everyday
Expect her class to be
Smiley, sweaty and sassy
Favourite artist:
The Queen - Beyoncé!!
Favourite move by the barre
Flowing cardio combinations and chair thigh sculptors
Can't live without
Coffee, wine and the vital bits in between (that's my family btw)
All time favourite post-work-out meal
Love an Açaí bowl or anything with avocados. Can't get enough of them!
Her other super talent is
Stimulating the economic growth of international e-commerce

From a young age, Lizzie loved to dance and performance, with ballet being her ultimate passion. Her ballet training under the RAD syllabus began when she was just 3 years old, which continued until she was 18. A knee injury put an end to her day's en pointe. Lizzie took a leap across the world to Singapore a few years later, where a continued love for team sports and dance-inspired fitness led her to discover Xtend Barre. She was blown away by the idea of Xtend Barre: where the grace, musicality, and cardio of a dance class combine with the sculpting and strengthening elements of Pilates. It became a new obsession!

Keen to immerse herself even more within the Xtend Barre community, Lizzie jumped at the chance to qualify as an instructor. She loves sharing (or even preaching) the Xtend Barre way of lengthening our larger muscles whilst also working those hard-to-reach small muscles groups to create great definition. Come and meet her at the Barre!

Lizzie is a certified Xtend Barre instructor. She is available for private & group Xtend Barre classes.