Shu Ling

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Upside Motion instructor Shu Ling


Life mantra
Be humble and grateful
Expect her class to be
Experimental & fun
You can call her
Shu Ling
Favourite artist:
Banda Magda
Favourite move on the mat:
Jumping back to Chaturanga
Can't live without
Her family, her dog, traveling, books and yoga mat
All time favourite post work-out meal
Fruits! Or anything within reach
Her other super talent is
Clumsy with tortoise-like reaction

Shu Ling started practicing Yoga as a form of exercise. Having pulled every known muscle in the body to having dislocated a knee, she decided to embark on the journey to learn about proper body alignments.
Ever since becoming a certified Yoga teacher, she has learnt that no one style suits all. Hence, her style of teaching is versatile with emphasis on proper alignments and breathing. She hopes everyone is able to gain more body awareness while having fun.

In her free time, she can be found swinging in the hammock or pestering her dog.