• Instructor Feature

Upside Motion Instructor Stefi


Life mantra
Everything always works out for the highest good
Expect her class to be
Upbeat, open & challenging
Favourite artist:
Her absolute favourite genre to work out with is Hip Hop/R&B
Favourite move by the barre
Passé relevé (hey it’s great for photos!)
Can't live without
Coffee. Period.
All time favourite post work-out meal
Stefi eats anything she wants most of the time, but if she had to choose - definitely whatever has been cooked at home
Her other super talent is
Her bones are bendy. Check out her elbows the next time you see her in classes ;)

Stefi has been in the Performing Arts scene since her early teenage years and is currently doing her Degree in Acting at LASALLE College of the Arts. Often being labelled as a “natural mover”, she finds comfort in movement-based activities. She is trained in various dance forms such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop.

Stefi has been a frequent barre babe at Upside Motion for more than a year, where she became addicted to Xtend Barre method: a perfect mix of Ballet, intense cardio and endurance training. She is so amazed at how quickly Xtend Barre changed her body, flexibility, and mindset! Believing that every woman should treat herself to this Xtend Barre phenomenon, Stefi obtained her instructor certification and is now ready to impart this burning passion to everyone.

Stefi is a certified Xtend Barre instructor.