• Instructor Feature


Life mantra
Enjoy the process
Expect her class to be
Alignment-focused yet exciting
Favourite artist:
IU and Ha Chong Hyun (Painter)
Favourite move on the reformer:
Can't live without
Carbs and warm water
All time favourite post work-out meal
Pasta and pizza
Her other super talent is
Drinking green tea everyday

Growing up as a ballet dancer, Tiffany developed pain in her knees and eventually had to stop dancing. During her study in the UK, she was introduced to reformer Pilates and got hooked. From there, Tiffany explored the different Pilates equipment and the pain in her knees slowly went away after a few years of Pilates practice. Not only that, she found herself having better posture and a more balanced and toned body.

Having experienced what it feels like to exercise pain-free and the benefits of Pilates, Tiffany decided to take on the BASI Comprehensive Course. She is constantly learning about the body and would love to share her knowledge with people who could benefit from Pilates. Alignment is key to prevent one from having an injury and to improve posture - is what she believes in.

Tiffany is available for private Pilates sessions in English & Chinese.

BASI Comprehensive graduate
Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 1 (Merit)
Dual Zone Self Myofascial Release