Upsider's Barre Survival Guide

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Upside Motion Barre Survival Guide

Tackling barre sessions is never easy, even for the regulars. The endurance may build up over time but that feeling of muscle soreness never fails to show up every single time you are #BackToTheBarre. Whether you are an enthusiast wobbling your way to the barre class for the first time or self-proclaimed barre-rina, our comprehensive survival guide, demonstrated by Upside Motion's barre instructor Tabitha, with expert tips from Xtend Barre’s founder Andrea Roger, will help you prep well for the next feat to come.


A power workout tagged as the hottest Hollywood weight loss regime that combines fast-paced cardio with muscle training. A good dose of upbeat dance music accompanies the class for an invigorating and dynamic routine to target and work all the muscle groups. Think of it as Pilates-meets-ballet, given the seal of approval by celebs such as Margot Robbie and Jennifer Hawkins!


Upside Motion Barre Survival Guide Hand Placement

1) The barre is your best friend
The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing some movements that focus on isometric strength training. Place your hands gently on top of the barre and use your cores and muscle strength. Let loose and refrain from gripping the barre tightly like your life depends on it!

Upside Motion Barre Survival Guide Props

2) Love your props
Deep in the throes of a good Xtend Barre workout, you'll also utilise a pair of lightweights, straps, balls and resistance bands to train your body proportionately to get that lean and sculpted physique sported by a svelte ballerina. “Working with any resistance is a sure-fire way to amp up the calorie burn – when you are in a barre class this is no exception”. Pick up your props and watch those calories melt away!

Upside Motion Barre Survival Guide Tuck

3) Zero in on your technique
When it comes to sculpting the right muscles and burning more calories, technique is everything. A simple shift in your body position, for example, will determine whether you lift and tone your butt, or mistakenly build up the muscles in the front of your legs. “Make sure you are always using proper placement and engage with the correct muscles,” suggested Rogers. Be sure to watch your instructor’s demonstration, and don’t be afraid to ask for one-on-one assistance if you need help with a movement. First timers?
Familiarise yourself with the concept of pelvic tuck!

Upside Motion Barre Survival Guide Breath

4) Incorporate proper deep breathing
When the class gets intense, you have the tendency to hold your breath. Proper breathing, especially in the most intense moments, can boost your energy and help you push further & sink deeper into each position. Throughout the class, strive to keep your breathing steady not only to circulate oxygen to your hard-working muscles but also to ease tension and keep the work in the muscles you are targeting. As a general rule, you should inhale through the release phase of each exercise, and exhale during exertion.

Upside Motion Barre Survival Guide Break

5) Take your necessary breaks
The more isn’t necessarily the better. Don’t plan on taking barre everyday! Instead, complement your weekly Xtend Barre classes with a session of body conditioning and stretching like Yoga or Barre Technique to provide your muscles with active recovery.

Ready to hit the barre now? Come pulse with us!

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