Upsider Spotlight: Anisha

  • Client Feature

1) What was your life like before joining Upside Motion?
I joined Upside Motion in October 2018, more than a year after I moved to Singapore (August 2017) with my husband and my then three-year-old son. Life was hectic and stressful that time as my son was just settling into his pre-school and we were finding our feet in a new country. Prior to Upside Motion, I was doing Reformer Pilates and also working out by myself at our condominium gym. It was a time I turned into fitness and thought it was working-out was the perfect "me" time routine for me.

2) Did you do other forms of work-outs ?
I did a lot of cardio (treadmill and cycle ) and then moved on to Reformer Pilates for about 4 months. I enjoyed both. Each workout had a different effect on my body. Cardio helped me lose the fat and build stamina and Pilates helped tone and build core muscles. I still remember my body shaking severely when I held myself in a particular pose as I crunched my core and I was told by the instructor it was completely normal for me to feel the Pilates shake. I believe I've come a long way from those early Pilates days.

3) Why did you decide to join Upside Motion?**
A dear friend of mine introduced me to the studio and I instantly fell in love with how cosy and compact the studio looked. It gave me a community vibe with its reasonable class size and friendly instructors, who took time after class answering questions and encouraging clients with their fitness concerns.

4) How were the first few classes?
The initial classes were very challenging and tough. I would feel like I was so behind everybody in the class. I wasn’t able to get the postures right, I would take frequent breaks and feel exhausted. The good part though was that, the instructors kept encouraging me and I kept telling myself that I needed to keep this going. I also realised that my upper body lacked strength and that if I didn’t push myself I wouldn’t be able to gain strength. I believe, it’s important to have that support system to keep one inspired and the Upside Team has encouraged me tremendously.

5) What changes have you noticed since then?
Well, I’m definitely stronger from when I started. My posture has improved, the stamina is much better, and all in all, I feel great. For me personally, its not been about being a certain size , but about developing mental and physical strength. My workout keeps me sorted, grounded and completely at peace with myself, something I cherish so much.

6) Tell us about your future fitness goals & plans..
My journey with Pilates has just begun. I intend to be a BASI certified pilates instructor by 2020 and I’m so excited to begin this journey, to go deeper, to learn and to explore more. I hope to be able to teach in the future, at some point in time, to be able to share the knowledge gained with other women and be a part of their fitness journey.