Upsider Spotlight: Catherine

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Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Catherine

Catherine has been a dedicated student for months, and she always helps to bring energy into class. Her hard work and elegant demeanour takes the entire class to a new level. She is one of the friendliest students we have, making new friends every class she is in. She actually helps new students feel more comfortable, with a little chit chat before class starts. It’s these little things that make you all the reason our studio rocks!

UM: When did you start barre classes and what made you decide to try Xtend Barre?

Catherine: Prior to starting Xtend Barre, I followed Tracy Anderson’s workouts religiously. Don’t get me wrong- her workouts are great- but doing DVD workouts at home was isolating and repetitive. I started looking for fun, group classes targeting ‘smaller muscle groups,’ like Tracy does. A friend introduced me to Upside Motion last autumn, and my search was over!

UM: When I skip Xtend Barre I feel _____.

Catherine: Like I should go tomorrow!

UM: What is your favorite part of Xtend Barre and why?

Catherine: I’m an addict, because I have many favorite parts: the nice teachers, the energizing music, the quality of instruction, and the always challenging, ever-changing routines. It is also an excellent place to meet lovely new people. The City Hall location also means I can fit in a workout around my workday.

UM: How is Xtend Barre different than some of the other workouts you’ve tried?

Catherine: Like Tracy Anderson’s Method, it works the small muscle groups which create more of a dancer’s body. Xtend Barre also incorporates stretching as the workout progresses which allows for leaner muscle development. I love that there are ‘dance-y’ elements in it, because lunging is so much more fun when you feel like you’re a ballerina!

UM: Since starting Xtend Barre, where have you felt the most difference?

Catherine: My arms and legs are much stronger. The workouts also have been helpful in strengthening my thighs for skiing: in particular, the chair pose and anything “rélevé.”

UM: How would you describe Xtend Barre to a friend?

Catherine: I call it “Ballet Bootcamp” : the same hard-core-ness of a Bootcamp workout but set to fun music, with friendly (if punishing!) instructors, and in air-conditioning… Decidedly more glamorous!

UM: What keeps you coming back to the studio?

Catherine: The instructors! They are seriously kind but will not let you leave the studio unchallenged. Since I struggle to motivate myself to keep going while muscles are burning, I keep coming back to get Upside Moti-vation!