Upsider Spotlight: Estelle

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Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Estelle

At first glance, you know that Estelle is not your average Pilates instructor. She flew all the way from Italy to try our classes at Upside Motion, and managed to complete 20 sessions in less than 2 weeks. This week, Estelle shares some interesting facts about herself and what inspired her to choose Upside Motion as a destination.

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UM: Tell us about your fitness journey.
Estelle: I used to play a lot of professional handball for 8 years. My body is considered strong now, but it used to be so much stronger. I was a monster, and I didn’t like myself; I didn’t feel like a woman.

I started to do classical dance and Pilates and I fell in love. My body type doesn’t suit the form of a classical dancer much, but I did it for 4 years and I managed to lose a few inches and 6 kilograms of muscle.

Then I discovered Xtend Barre and I felt like this is what I’ve been looking for – an exercise that challenges me, yet helps me look and feel more like a woman.

UM: We hear you’re a Pilates instructor now.
Estelle: Yes, I teach pilates mat mostly, but I also took exams for the reformer, cadillac, wall unit, tower and chair in America – in San Francisco and New York. I decided to come to Asia as well to explore different styles of teaching and to expand my vocabulary.

I would like to learn from many places all over the world because the different culture and different ways they teach the classes is very interesting. That’s why I chose to come to Singapore.

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UM: How did you find Upside Motion?
Estelle: I was looking around on the Internet for an institute where I can learn Xtend Barre, and develop my Reformer technique at the same time. There were a few different studios but I chose Upside Motion because I saw some photographs that convinced me that your classes are of high quality.

UM: You’ve just completed 20 hours at Upside Motion… in 12 days! What made you want to do it?
Estelle: Because I feel like I need it. In Italy, I teach low-level introductory Pilates. Because Italy is a historic place, it’s a little slow with catching onto trends, and not many people know about Pilates there. I’m always looking for a challenge, and Upside Motion had 3 different programs to provide what I was looking for. I did everything – Xtend Barre, Pilates and AntiGravity.

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Estelle Strong

UM: How do you feel now that you’ve completed 20 sessions?
Estelle: I am very happy, and I’ve learnt so much that my head is so full of new things. There’s so much information that I can use, and I’m going to have to take some time to digest everything I’ve experienced in this short expanse of time.

UM: Are you planning get a certification for Xtend Barre as well?
Estelle: Yes, eventually, but I just started so let’s give it maybe another year! I’m not ready, I still have a lot to learn and practice. I feel like I can go on, and I want to study more. Information and emotion, I love it.

UM: So what’s next for you?
Estelle: I have a studio back in Italy that just opened about 3 months ago, and it has a barre so I’d like to become an Xtend Barre instructor in a year or so. In January next year, I’ll be going to Munich to learn from a master who does classical dance and Pilates. Maybe he does Xtend Barre too, since he does ballet. I’m excited to meet and learn from him.