Upsider Spotlight: Jessica

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Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Jessica

Jessica has been a consistent Xtend Barre student since we opened our doors this past summer. Getting bored with the gym, she wanted to try something new to challenge her body even more. She has been hooked ever since! She works incredibly hard in all of our classes, looking great while doing so!

UM: What made you decide to start Xtend Barre?

Jessica: I was looking for an interesting new way to improve my fitness. Treadmills and ellipticals just weren’t cutting it anymore. I had always wanted to try barre back home in the U.S., so I was really excited to find Xtend Barre at Upside Motion when I moved to Singapore!

UM: What keeps you coming back to class?

Jessica: I always know I will be challenged during an Xtend Barre class. Even after doing classes regularly for months it is still a challenge every single time. That’s what makes it so rewarding! I know I am putting my body through an intense workout that will bring great results. Plus, all of the Upside Motion Xtend Barre instructors are so positive and always strive to give you a great workout.

UM: What do you most look forward to in class?

Jessica: I look forward to noticing the changes in my strength, flexibility, and stamina. Week to week I notice I am able to last longer without a break and push myself a little further. We also listen to some really great music during class, which helps keep me motivated.

UM: If you weren’t doing Xtend Barre what would your exercise program look like?

Jessica: Boring. Probably elliptical and free weights.

UM: When you are on holiday, do you do some of the Xtend Barre exercises on your own?

Jessica: I do some exercises, like planks, on my own. I will be going back home to the U.S. for an extended holiday soon and I have already started scouting barre studios so I can keep up with classes!

UM: How would you describe Xtend Barre to someone who has never heard of it?

Jessica: I would describe Xtend Barre as a total body workout that lengthens and strengthens muscles through a fusion of Pilates and ballet.

UM: How does class make you feel? Inside and out?

Jessica: Amazing and strong! Xtend Barre has had a tremendous impact on my body, which in turn boosts my confidence and happiness. What more could you ask?!