Upsider Spotlight: Nicole

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Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Nicole

This week, we are back with 10 things in 30 minutes series with Nicole - an Upsider mom-to-be as she shared with us her advice and experience while expecting her first child.

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Nicole

1. Nicole’s love for dance started when she was little. She was a part of school representative dance troupe and cheerleading squad until high school. She took a break during university to focus on her studies. She finally rekindled her love for dance after moving to Singapore, signed up for jazz dance class and then Xtend Barre. She ended up dropping the dance class and sticked with Barre since then: “Xtend Barre has captivated me with the dance and ballet elements as well as the upbeat tunes that energize you to keep going”. Can you spot Nicole in her dance troupe back from the highschool days?

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Nicole In School

2. Nicole joined our Upsider family in June 2015. About a month later, she discovered her pregnancy.

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Nicole Plie

3. Nicole always maintains an active lifestyle – be it running, wall climbing, tennis, pilates, going to the gym, dancing or Xtend Barre. So even after finding out she was pregnant, she had continuing her fitness routine with prenatal safe workouts.

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Nicole At The Barre

4. Luck is on her side! Nicole doesn't experience any morning sickness, sleepiness, fatigue, powerful cravings, etc. Nothing unusual except for her continuously growing belly! "Attending Xtend Barre classes regularly has possibly helped me combat any 'negative' sides of pregnancy."

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Nicole Healthy

5. She always keeps her routine checked with regular Barre class, proper eating, vitamins and Elacyl stretch mark cream before bed. Her dose of healthy goodness is a glass of Avocado milkshake with Banana.

6. Nicole used to attend classes 3-4 times a week but cut back to once a week during her first trimester. Now she’s back to 2-3 times a week and may continue until her 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Nicole Prenatal Barre

7. Her take on exercising during pregnancy: “Listen to your body and don’t push it if you are not comfortable”.

8. Most of Nicole’s fitness wear still fits her so she prefered not to spend so much on unnecessary maternity wear (or maternity fitness wear). Instead, Nicole decided to save for crucial spendings after the baby is born.

Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Nicole Prenatal

9. Weekend afternoon is “we” time for Nicole and her husband.

10. Nicole and her husband chose not to know the baby's gender till their first child says hello to the world: "It's getting pretty exciting now that we are only a month and a half away from due date (End of April)… We also do not want to know the gender of the baby so that adds more to the excitement!"