Upsider Spotlight: Stephanie

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Upside Motion Upsider Spotlight Stephanie

We are starting our Upsider Spotlight series, where we ask members of our Upside community to share a piece of themselves with us. This month, we present Stephanie Johnson!

Stephanie started her Upside Motion journey at our Bukit Timah studio, before City Hall was open. Even though she lived in town, she still made the long commute for class at least twice a week. An American, Stephanie had taken many barre classes back home and was absolutely thrilled when she discovered Singapore’s first barre class, Xtend Barre. Stephanie is now attending class almost everyday at our City Hall studio. Many clients look to Stephanie as motivation in class. A mother, she looks younger than ever with an incredible body! Go Stephanie!

UM: What is your favorite part of Xtend Barre?

Stephanie: I am always, constantly challenged. No matter how many times I come, it is always hard. I love knowing that I am going to get a good workout. It’s still fun, but hard.

UM: What gets you out of your house and in to class?

Stephanie: The instructors at the studio give me the motivation to get to class, and I know that it will be an hour that is worth while. I feel every muscle, every part of my body that I want to work. I’ve taken classes at the gym and we will work certain muscles that I don’t want to work, as a woman. I know how effective the class is, and that is enough to get me there.

UM: What is your favorite exercise?

Stephanie: The plank series in the beginning, and also the arms.

UM: If you could hear one song in class, what would it be?

Stephanie: Love the Bruno Mars!

UM: How has Xtend Barre changed your body?

Stephanie: I have disc issues, and cannot do high impact sports or fitness, so this gives me the ability to still see transformations but in a way that is safe and helps my flexibility. It lengthens all of my muscles.

UM: How would you describe Xtend Barre to a friend?

Stephanie: The class will transform your body like no other class. It will give you a feminine, long, lean, tight toned body. I feel as though I am in better shape now, with a teenager, than I did before I had my daughter!