Ving Mei

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Life mantra
Life’s too short to be afraid, ie. take a deep breath, hold on tight and pretend it’s a plan!
Expect her class to be
A lesson in understanding body alignment and stability
Favourite artist:
BTS, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Yo Yo Ma
Favourite move on the Reformer/Oov:
Semi-Circle on the Reformer, Rollup on the Oov
Can't live without
Morning coffee
All time favourite post work-out meal
Skinny latte and a glazed Krispy Crème
Her other super talent is
Keeping calm in front of stroppy teenagers

For Ving Mei, long hours working as a corporate lawyer and later as a legal recruitment consultant, having scoliosis and going through motherhood, resulted in years of constant back/neck pain and injury. She was recommended by her chiropractor to try Pilates out as a way to help with rehabilitation, strengthening and fitness. She was hooked from the start and has been practising Pilates for more than 12 years. Through those years, she has found Pilates to be both stress relieving and a good way to have some “me time” away from work and mummy duties.

A firm believer in the benefits of Pilates as a fitness regime, particularly as the body ages, Ving Mei is keen to share her knowledge and experience. She hopes that her classes will teach clients to better understand proper functional movement for their respective bodies which will lead to effective mobility, strength and flexibility training.

Ving Mei is available for both group & private Pilates sessions.

Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio
National Pilates Certification
Oov Fundamentals
Oov Pilates Apparatus
Pelvic Balance Specialist
Dual Zone Self Myofascial Release Level 1