What to expect at your first Aerial class

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Upside Motion What to expect at your first Aerial class

Have you always wanted to try out our Aerial class? It may look like you need amazing acrobatic abilities, but at Upside Motion, we guide you from the ground up. Start defying gravity at our Aerial Introduction class today!

What should I wear for my first Aerial class?

You should focus on wearing comfortable and flexible workout attire to your first Aerial class. For optimum comfort, go for full-length or at least over-the-knee tights.

Instructors recommend wearing a top with sleeves, as some movements require you to wind the silk hammock under your arms. Sleeves will help you feel a lot more comfortable doing so.

Try to wear a fitting top as it’s important for your instructor to observe your body alignment. Also, as you’ll be trying out a couple of basic inversions, a fitting top would prevent your top flipping over your face when you go upside-down.

What happens during an Aerial Introduction class?

Those interested to try Aerial out should start with our introductory class where you will learn to get comfortable with the basic movements and the general feel of using the aerial hammock.

Don’t expect a strenuous workout during the introduction class. Instead, you’ll be taught to control your body movement, and learn simple poses that will make you more comfortable with transferring weight to the hammock.

You’ll be guided through a series of progressive movements that will lead up to you trying an inversion or two, but it’s really all about relaxing and hanging there instead of holding on with all your strength, so don’t worry about whether you’re strong enough or not.

On the whole, Aerial is simply a fun way to explore body movement and build strength in your core and limbs, so come with an open heart and mind and you’ll definitely love it. Bring a friend or two along for maximum enjoyment too.

Now that we’ve shared what you need to know about Aerial, you can check our schedule to book your first Aerial Introduction class here!

Some cautions

The nature of the aerial hammock is to suspend you over the ground. This means the hammock will sway freely when you are in the air. If you are very sensitive to movements that may cause motion sickness, please take care and stop if you are uncomfortable.

Aerial classes are not recommended if you are pregnant.