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Upside Motion instructor Yvvonne


Life mantra
Life is too short to be negative! Be Positive, Be Passionate!
Expect her class to be
You can call her
Favourite artist:
Jason Mraz
Favourite move by the barre:
Altitude Abs: burns like crazy but you get killer abs!
Can't live without
Food, well-known foodie and she is always hungry!
All time favourite post work-out meal
Pasta or hearty soup
Her other super talent is

Growing up in a Rugby family, Yvonne loves intense sports! But the intensity of the sports inevitably got her injured from time to time. When she joined a long distance paddling race, she procured a shoulder injury and because of this, her Physiotherapist advised her to start doing Pilates. After experiencing the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates, she decided to further her practice, taking a Pilates Matwork Instructor training course and Myofascial Release. Since then, she has been in love with Pilates as it is an exercise that aligns the body and releases muscle pain. Yvonne sees Pilates as giving the body a reboot; more importantly, a great preparation for her hardcore sports!

Later on, Yvonne was introduced to Xtend Barre at Upside Motion - a full-body workout which tones the muscles that she did not even know exist! Thereafter, she was also given the chance to undergo Xtend Barre Instructor training. Having the chance to teach and share such an excellent workout with others has been the most rewarding feeling! Her passion for Barre and Pilates will never cease.

Yvonne is certified in Myofascial Release and Xtend Barre and currently undergoing Pilates Mat training.