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BASI Pilates: Masterclass for Runners/Crossfit enthusiasts

  • Special Courses

This BASI Pilates Masterclass will focus on improving core function, flexibility, re-educating proper mechanics and alignment of the body and reinforcing the mind-body connection which is very beneficial for all athletic activities. This Masterclass is suitable for runners, CrossFit enthusiasts and the male athlete in general, who are looking for an alternative, safe but dynamic way to cross-train.

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BASI Pilates: Shoulder Mechanics Workshop

  • Special Courses

Shoulder "issues" are certainly one of the most frequently encountered dysfunctions for everyone. This workshop will focus on correct mechanics of the shoulder complex particularly relating to the Pilates repertoire. It's beneficial for Upsiders who are office workers, or do swimming, tennis, football, and weight lifting and Pilates instructors who wish to deepen their knowledge of Shoulder mechanics.

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Upside Motion x ClassPass Sip Swim Stretch at W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Sip, Swim, Stretch @ W Singapore

  • Event

Join us for an evening of sunset revelry and poolside tipples for Sip Swim Stretch! In a collaboration with ClassPass & W Singapore, Upside Motion takes to WET® with two moderate-intensity classes fit for all. Unwind with Sundown Pilates at 5pm with Patricia and join Portia in Xtend The Night at 6.30pm on Saturday, 28 September. Sip your boozy treats and soak up the sun as you lounge on the WET® Deck, or break it down in WET® to pulsating beats from the poolside DJ booth!

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Japanese Reformer Pilates with Yuki

リフォーマー 初心者

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