At-Home Workout Gear Shop, Now Open For Delivery

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Been working out hard with all the virtual classes available, but it's just not quite the same? Perhaps it's the water bottles that you've been using as weights, or the thick book as a yoga block, or the slippery and thin yoga mat that you frantically got your hands on when the Circuit Breaker measure was announced. You know what we're talking about! :)

We're excited to announce that we have spruced up our website for a more seamless shopping experience and our studio gear is available for online purchase now. If you are working out everyday, why not use the professional studio mats and props that you're familiar with?

Order now and bring a piece of Upside right into your living room!

Studio Credits Conversion
Upsiders with valid class packages* and would like to convert some classes into studio credits for purchases from the Upside Motion Gear Shop, please select "Upside Motion Class Package" as your mode of payment.

**Valid class packages includes only those purchased between 8 Oct 2019 and 7 April 2020 with remaining unused classes in the account. Value of classes varies on type of packages purchased. Complimentary classes, reward classes, extended and roll-over packages are not valid for studio credit conversion. We will contact you via WhatsApp to advise on the number of classes that will be used to offset your purchase and if any additional top-up is required. Once converted into Studio Credits, credits must be utilised in full for merchandise purchases.