In-Studio Xtend Barre & Pilates Mat Classes, Back On Schedule!

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Thank you for patiently waiting while we figured out the studio safety measures for Mat-based programmes for the new normal. We are absolutely delighted to have you back for in-studio Barre & Pilates Mat practice in October. Here's a rundown of what to expect:


Our City Hall studio will be open on Sunday, starting in October to allow Upsiders more fit time on the weekend! Class schedule is now live on our website and via the Upside Motion app. Reserve your mat quickly as limited class spots are available!


You will have your own allocated mat/barre/reformer space in the class, as well as basket for personal belongings. Kindly refer to the studio layout map at the door and keep your distance while entering and exiting your allocated space.


After observing the recent decreasing number of Covid-19 cases in the community, we have made a decision to adjust our mask policy for clients' comfort during the workout. Please take note of the following policy that will take effect from 1 October onwards:
– Our instructors will wear masks at all times when not demonstrating challenging exercises, or when doing tactile cues or under 2 meters apart from clients.
– While it is not mandatory to keep your masks on during the class, we highly recommend Upsiders to wear masks if you feel comfortable and don't experience any discomfort breathing during the workout. If you opt for removing the mask during class, please wear your mask back right after class and before leaving your allocated space.

– Bookings are open 10 days in advance for all classes, and can be made via the website, Upside Motion App.
– You may cancel your place in a group class up to 12 hours before the start time. If you cancel a class out of the cancellation window or decide not to show up, that class will still be deducted from your package.


Class space is limited so we are giving everyone as much chance as possible to attend classes.
– If you are on the waitlist you can be automatically added into a class at anytime of the day, up to 30 minutes before the class starts. Once added, that space is yours. If you are opted into receive the waitlist notifications, you will receive an email, at which point you are notified that you've got a spot in the class. If you don’t respond, we will presume you will be attending.
– If you late cancel out of a class, even if added in from the waitlist, within the 12 hours, you will be charged.
– If you know you definitely can’t or won’t want to attend a class if you are added in from a waitlist, at any time of the day/night, please remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid any penalty fees.


To keep on top of all your bookings, waitlists, and cancellations, please ensure you have opted in to receive all email communication from us, you can do this in your Account Settings on the website or drop us a call so our staff can help you with adjusting your profile settings. Let our automated system support you in reminding and letting you know the current status of your booking.


Please ensure you have sufficient time for safe entry check-in, parking and changing into your workout attire before class begins. We want you to enjoy your session without distractions, so no late entry into class is permitted.