Permanent Update: Shenton Studio Closures

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Dear Upsiders,

Since the start of Phase 2 - Safe Reopening, we were hopeful when we shared with you that our Shenton studio would be reopening. However, over the past few months, it has become clear to us that it is simply no longer an option to continue running the Shenton studio.

We have been running at half our usual capacity with the current safe distancing measures, with a high rate of cancellation. Most of you have been working from home and adapt to the new normal, and as a result, class attendance and sales are drastically affected compared to pre-covid.

In order for us to survive this prolonged Covid-19 crisis and operate sustainably, the only way forward for Upside Motion is to stay lean and prudent by returning the Shenton space to the landlord when our lease term ended in October. We are deeply grateful for all the beautiful memories made with Upsiders at Shenton over the past three years and seek your kind understanding on this heartbreaking decision and your continuing support at our City Hall studio.

Please get in touch with us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding your packages.

With love and hope,
You Upside Motion team