Termination of ClassPass Booking

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Due to limited class spots available and the rising costs of operation, we are no longer able to run our classes at the discounted rates offered on the third-party booking platform ClassPass, under their new terms and conditions apply to all partners globally, effective 1 October 2021.

Thus, kindly be informed that our studio will stop opening booking slots on ClassPass, starting from 15 November 2021.

As Upside Motion has been on ClassPass since 2018, we understand that a number of our clients are also ClassPass users. We would like to inform you in advance so you could make plans to utilise your existing credits and pick up a member package should you wish to continue attending classes at Upside Motion.

If you have yet purchased any member packages before, do check out 5-Class Discovery Pass, which includes 5 All-Access classes with one-month validity. This pass is now at $125 for a limited time ($25/class - U.P. $149). You could also approach our Client Service Officer to learn more about our membership benefits and package recommendations.