Step-by-Step Guide to Livestream Class

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We are so excited to be launching our series of Livestream Virtual Classes! If you've been working from home for a while now and missing a workout with familiar instructors and workout buddies, here's a detailed guide on how to get started!

Find the latest class schedule on our website and via the Upside Motion mobile app. Book/cancel a class, view your class bookings, manage your account, all on the app, just like before!

Enjoy the introductory 4-Class Experience Pass [2-weeks validity] at just $45!

How to Sign Up:
1) Log in to Upside Motion Mobile App
2) Select "City Hall" Location
3) Select your desired class, at least 35 minutes before class.
4) Select "Book Class"
5) Receive email with virtual classroom link 30 minutes before class.

Step-By-Step Guide:

  • Get ready your mat and grippy socks! A sturdy chair will be essential in our Barre classes.
  • Other props like light hand weights, flex bands, balls are optional and could be easily substituted by common household items.
  • Check your email 30 mins before class for the live stream link.
  • Mirror your screen to a SmartTV (optional).
  • Log in to the live stream class. Have your Upside Motion profile login and password ready.
  • Set your camera and microphone settings - Choose "Allow".
  • Select "Join Live Stream".
  • Dress up, show up, and enjoy the class!
  • Give your review and feedback via Upside Motion app after class!

Recommended Devices/Browsers:

  • Chrome on desktop/laptop and Android tablets
  • Safari on iOS tablets
    Please ensure to use a new browser window. Multiple running tabs in the background will cause connectivity issues.

Class Cancellation Policy:

  • Please note that your class/session will automatically be charged if we do not receive any notice within 6-hours prior to the class commencement time.

Studio Credit Conversion:

  • For Upsiders with valid class packages who would like to convert some classes into the Virtual Class plans, please submit your conversion request here!
  • Valid class packages include only those purchased between 8 Oct 2019 and 7 April 2020 with remaining unused classes in the account. Value of classes varies on the type of packages purchased. Complimentary classes, reward classes, extended and roll-over packages are not valid for studio credit conversion. We will contact you via WhatsApp to advise on the number of classes that will be used to offset your purchase and if any additional top-up is required. Once converted into Studio Credits, credits must be utilised in full.

We look forward to seeing you at Upside Motion!