(Aerial Dance Workshop with Celine - 14 December (Christmas Edition))

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Aerial Dance Workshop with Celine - 14 December (Christmas Edition)


Aerial Dance combines strength and elegance bringing more grace and creativity to your aerial practice. In this workshop, students will learn to use the aerial hammock to create elegant shapes and beautiful inversions from yoga-inspired poses to choreographed dance sequencing. The workshop will start with a warm-up emphasizing strength, flexibility, and will continue by introducing elements of progressive choreography with the hammock.

This workshop is not appropriate for first-time flyers. Please take at least 3-5 beginner aerial yoga classes or the Intro to Aerial Yoga Workshop and be able to do an inversion with the fabric at the sacrum without instruction.

Workshop Details
Saturday, 14 December 2019
2.00pm to 4.00pm (120 minutes)
Venue: Upside Motion Shenton

Celine initially worked at an advertisement boutique, but soon decided that office life is not for her and moved on to become a Yoga instructor. A few years into Yoga at the age of 24, her journey into aerial arts began from tagging along with her friend to an aerial class. Celine's love for aerial arts blossomed ever since this first encounter.
As someone who grew up with footprints in many cities, she enjoys learning from people with different cultural and professional backgrounds, whether it is aerial, dance, movement, yoga, contortion, or hand balancing. She likes to weave elements from various disciplines into her classes to make them fun and effective.

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