(CONNECT (Women): Xtend Barre Class - Session 1)

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CONNECT (Women): Xtend Barre Class - Session 1


Saturday, 13 April 2019
Xtend Barre: 11.45am - 12.40pm (55 minutes)
Instructor Patricia
Venue: Upside Motion Shenton

Since 2012, Upside Motion has been honored to be the destination of choice where our women find a stronger, healthier and better version of themselves. With our Upsiders’ great support, we have grown strong together these past 7 years on a journey to discover life on the Upside. CONNECT aims to connect and empower our community even more, raising awareness and garnering support for important causes. Upside Motion is organising the first installation: CONNECT (Women) to connect women from all walks of life by supporting the Daughters of Tomorrow’s vision of facilitating opportunities for underprivileged women. This event will happen on Saturday, 13 April 2019 at Upside Motion Shenton studio, in conjunction with our 7th Anniversary.

Attendees will sculpt, align and evolve themselves at Upside Motion’s signature award-winning Xtend Barre and Pilates classes and be treated to our Upside Motion & ClassPass exclusive goodie bags. All proceeds raised from class ticket sales will be donated to the Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT). Donation boxes will also be placed at the party if you'd like to gift more.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Be the first 15 Upsiders to purchase CONNECT charity class ticket to receive a complimentary 10-min accu-therapeutic eye massage by Crème Simon at our party!

Xtend Barre is a fast-paced cardio workout that fuses the principles of traditional ballet with Pilates. Combining isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches together with light weight training, you can sculpt your body and condition your core to achieve the graceful form of a dancer, without having the need for any dance background. This exercise targets muscle groups such as the upper arms, upper and lower back, glutes, abs, thighs and calves. The full-body workout focuses on precise controlled movements executed to the beat of an upbeat playlist, making it one of the most enjoyable calorie-blasting workouts yet!

Wear close-fitting, comfortable clothing that allows for movement. Non-slip socks are required when attending Xtend Barre and Pilates Mat classes.

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