(Upside Motion X Om Factory’s 100-Hour Aerial Teacher Training (ATT))

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Upside Motion X Om Factory’s 100-Hour Aerial Teacher Training (ATT)


Upside Motion is excited to bring to our shores Om Factory's 100-Hour Aerial Teacher Training from New York City this November.

Upside Motion x Om Factory’s 100-Hour Aerial Teacher Training (ATT) is intended to provide the trainee necessary tools to lead safe, intelligent and dynamic Aerial classes. This training consist of 50-hours of in-class lectures and 50-hours of Apprenticeship Training. Dedicated students looking to deepen their knowledge and take their practice to a new level are also welcome to participate. Om Factory’s particular style of Aerial classes was developed over several years by Om Factory's Core Aerial Faculty and continues to be shaped by our aerial community. It is heavily rooted in and inspired by a traditional yoga practice. Graduation requirements include present attendance at all in-class hours of training and satisfactory completion of a practical teaching exam and a written test.

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