Upside Motion Aerial Class


Experience this unique exercise that combines traditional yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics techniques into an all-encompassing workout for your mind and body.

With our silk hammocks, you can stretch, strengthen and tone your body while relieving pressure in your spine and joints. The result is a stronger core, better posture, relief from back and neck pain, and increased joint flexibility.

Start with our Aerial Introduction classes, then go for Aerial Power Stretch for a good de-stressing session.


  • Ideal for all fitness levels.

  • Low impact total body workout.

  • Strengthen and condition every major muscle group.

Upside Motion Barre class

Xtend Barre™

Tone your body with a combination of cardio movements, light weight training and modified ballet barre exercises, all to an upbeat playlist of pop music.

Look glamorous while working out. With Xtend Barre ™, you can achieve the strength and poise of a ballerina, sans the unfashionable and sweat-drenched gym kits.

This highly addictive exercise combines ballet and Pilates techniques into a fast-paced cardio activity that targets small muscle groups.

After your first class, your body will be shaking and muscles burning. It is best to establish a routine of at least 2 Xtend Barre ™ classes a week. After just 2 months, you will be markedly stronger, leaner, toned and a whole lot more addicted to the Barre movement.

Upside Motion is the pioneer of introducing the first barre program to Singapore in 2012.

Ready to meet us at the barre?


  • Tone and stretch glutes, thighs and calves.

  • Routines tailored for post-natal Mums.

  • Highly addictive fast-paced cardio.

Upside Motion Pilates class


We offer both Pilates Mat and Reformer classes. Both disciplines of Pilates emphasise on body alignment, core exercises and breathing techniques. Here at Upside Motion, we have a wide range of pilates offerings that cater to your proficiency, interests, and needs, whatever they may be.

Change the way your body looks, feels and performs by strengthening without adding bulk, to create a toned body with long lean legs and a strong flat tummy.


  • Build strength, control and flexibility.

  • Increases natural fat-burning capacity.

  • Full body resistance training.

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat exercises give your body the non-impact workout it needs. Upside Motion offers a range of specialised Mat classes to keep you on your toes.

Stick to Matwork for the pure deal, or have some fun balancing yourself in Bosu Conditioning. Whip your abs into shape in Abs & Core, or destress from a hard days’ work in Roll & Release. Let your instincts guide you to your next Pilates Mat class!

Pilates Reformer

The Reformer’s multi-functional structure and adjustable controls make it a magic machine for anyone and everyone. On one hand, it supports rehabilitative exercises, for those recovering from sports injuries. On the other hand, it also provides the optimal targeted resistance for strength training, for those seeking that extra calorie burn.

Whether you’re overcoming physical vulnerability or sculpting your dream body, the Reformer is the go-to superprop we all need.

Upside Motion Yoga class


Awaken your body and zen out your mind as you perform various Ashtanga asanas, learn about basic breathing techniques, build your muscles and correct alignment.

Strength and flexibility are a consequence of regular practice, and not prerequisites. In Yoga Beginners, you will tone your body through energizing poses and then stretch out those tense muscles from head to toe. As you learn to breathe and let it go, you will feel relieved of both your stress and knots! For those who enjoy a dynamic class, flow from pose to pose with Yoga Vinyasa.


  • Increased flexibility and muscle strength.

  • Improved circulatory health and energy.

  • Better focus and overall balance.