Upside Motion Aerial Class



Experience this unique exercise that combines traditional yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics techniques into an all-encompassing workout for your mind and body.

With our silk hammocks, you can stretch, strengthen and tone your body while relieving pressure in your spine and joints. The result is a stronger core, better posture, relief from back and neck pain, and increased joint flexibility.

Start with our Aerial Introduction classes, then go for Aerial Power Stretch for a good de-stressing session.


  • Ideal for all fitness levels.

  • Low impact total body workout.

  • Strengthen and condition every major muscle group.



Upside Motion Aerial Beginners

Aerial Beginners

This class will introduce the Aerial workout to the beginner student. Here, you will use the support of silk hammocks to achieve more length and depth with less strenuous effort. Don't be fooled, you will also challenge your body's core strength. You will start with the most basic exercises to become familiar with working on the hammock so you are more comfortable when you are introduced to more advanced exercises.

Upside Motion Aerial Power Stretch

Aerial Power Stretch

Need a good stretch for the mind and body? Power Stretch is a great way to get your body fully stretched and lengthened. Depending on how much time you have, join us for our 45mins pow wow session during lunch, as well a full hour session (in the morning and evenings) if you would like to experience the full effect.

Power up and stretch your body as we target specific body groups with various poses, at the same time, rest and relax the mind as we wind you down into various restive poses - all within the aerial silk hammock.